8 Facebook Groups for Bloggers and Business Owners

8 Facebook Groups for Bloggers and Business Owners

What channel can you use to get feedback on your business, ask technical questions, build business connections, get hi-fives for your small wins, and promote your brand at the same time? If you look at the growing trend of private Facebook groups you will find a whole new place for networking for your business or blog.

These Facebook groups for bloggers and creative entrepreneurs are a win-win for all of us. They are a great support system as well an effective channel for driving traffic to your blog or social media channels.

Before we dive in and read about which Facebook groups to join, let’s quickly chat about some of the ins-and-outs of these groups.

  • You will often need to request access to join the groups.
  • Read the community rules for each group. If you break the rules and are seen as spamming your business you will be removed from the group.
  • Note when they have their promotion days – these are the days you can promote your social media channel or latest blog post.  I have outlined these for you below.
  • Participate! Don’t just promote your business.  Help others with their queries.  If you are seen as the expert in a particular topic then people will come to your site to learn more.
  • Try and pick two or three groups and focus on these.  If you are a solopreneur then trying to be everywhere will just overwhelm you.
  • There are many, many Facebook groups.  There are ones for those focused on Pinterest, others for WordPress support, ones for photographers or writers, Instagram support, Etsy Shop sellers and more.  So think about your niche, your target audience, and what you want to get out of these groups.

Without further adieu here is my list of eight Facebook Groups for bloggers and business owners.

1. Blog + Biz BFFs

7 Facebook Groups for Bloggers and Business Owners

Founder:  Melyssa Griffin

Members: 15,000+

About: This is an engaging group for bloggers and creative entrepreneurs alike.  This was one of the first and most helpful Facebook Groups that I joined.  Melyssa has an assistant, who helps in the administration of the Group and also answering some of the members’ questions. I’ve always found this group to be knowledgeable and friendly in offering advice.

Post schedule:

  • Share the Love Sunday – share someone else’s blog post, product or website for example.
  • Mastermind Monday is for sharing your ideas and struggles.
  • Tuesday Collaboration thread – the day you can seek people to collaborate with.
  • Friday Promotion thread – here you can promote your latest blog post or social media account.
  • Saturday accountability thread

2. Blogging Boost

7 Facebook Groups for Bloggers and Business Owners

Founder: Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley

Members: 14,500+

About: Blogging Boost is another engaging group for bloggers. You can ask anything blogging related – everything from what plug-ins to use, suggestions on driving traffic to your blog, and much more. The other perk of joining Blogging Boost, is the access to the Blogging Boost Group Board on Pinterest.

Post schedule: Promotions are allowed on Mondays only.

3. Business Mums Australia

7 Facebook Groups for Bloggers and Business Owners

Founder: Michelle Smith

Members: 3,900+

About: This group was created to support business mums in Australia.  There are most likely similar groups in other countries.  The group features women from a variety of industries – not just bloggers or creative entrepreneurs. It’s also a great place to get advice on business questions specific to Australia (e.g. legal, tax or accounting related queries).

What I like about Business Mums Australia is that they provide daily themes in order to increase engagement.  Michelle is also an active participant in the discussions, bringing expertise from her previous experience in marketing, events and communications plus experience from her company, Start Up Mum.

Post schedule:

  • #Makeithappenmonday – the day to share your goals for the week.
  • #Tipstuesday – share business tips with other members.
  • #Givebackwednesday – share a freebie with the group or a promotional offer.
  • #Freeforallthursday – on this day you can post about your business including links to your website.
  • #Assistabizmumfriday – ask the community for support.
  • #Mightymumweekend – share what you do to refresh and recharge for the week ahead.

4. Remarkable Business Mums

7 Facebook Groups for Bloggers and Business Owners

Founder: Natasha Stewart

Members: 2,300+

About: This group was created for like-minded entrepreneurs.  I like how active Natasha and some of her admin members are in the group. She often runs promo days where you can promote your social media channels or blog posts.  There are also opportunities to introduce yourself to the group and to help promote others on the “pay it forward” thread.

5. Instagram Marketing Mastermind

7 Facebook Groups for Bloggers and Business Owners

Founder: Alex Tooby

Members: 9,000+

About: Instagram Marketing Mastermind is for business owners, entrepreneurs and bloggers looking to expand their reach on Instagram.  Members often ask questions about how to increase followers, engagement, or how to improve their visual style on Instagram.  You can ask about hashtags, analytics, or whatever Instagram related question you have.  There isn’t a promo day but Alex does recommend you use #IMMtribe on Instagram to connect with other people from this group.

6. Blog Society

7 Facebook Groups for Bloggers and Business Owners

Founder: Jacyln Carlson

Members: 4,400+

About: The Australian Editor of Flo & Frank leads this group for people wanting to connect and share advice on blogging and running a creative business.

Post schedule:

  • #Blogtribe Tuesday – here you can tag a fellow blogger or share a post that has inspired you.
  • #Bloglovefest – every Friday you have the opportunity to share you latest blog post and see what everyone else has been working on.

7. Blog Engagement & Promotion Group

7 Facebook Groups for Bloggers and Business Owners

Founder: Alyssa Knee

Members: 8,000+

About: The purpose of this group is to help bloggers increase engagement with their blog and social media channels. It’s a very active group that allows you to promote your brand every day of the week.

However, there are rules to follow for each thread.  For example, on the day you promote your Instagram page you need to visit 12 other profiles listed and engage with them.  You then need to like their Facebook post so that they know you have engaged with them.

Post schedule (each day you can choose to promote just one channel – either your social media channel or your blog – not both):

  • Monday – Facebook or blog
  • Tuesday – Twitter or blog
  • Wednesday – Instagram or blog
  • Thursday – Pinterest or blog
  • Friday – Freebie Friday (as voted by members)
  • Saturday – opportunity Saturday
  • Sunday – niche collaboration.

Alyssa also allows you to promote other channels such as LinkedIn, Periscope, Etsy, YouTube, StumbleUpon and more on designated days.

8. Savvy Business Owners

8 Facebook Groups for Bloggers and Business Owners

Founder: Heather Crabtree

Members: 7,900+

About: Heather’s group is about asking questions, sharing your wins and losses, tips and tricks and resources. It’s targeted towards anyone who has a business listed publicly.

There is also a Savvy Business Owner’s Pinterest Board. You will need to request to join this group and then you will be able to add your collection of business inspiration and tips.

Post schedule:

  • Make it Work Monday
  • Share & Care Tuesday
  • Wednesday Weekly Mixer
  • Thursday Talk
  • Fist Bump Friday

If you are not a part of any Facebook Groups yet then you’re missing out on a great community and a chance to drive engagement with your audience on your blog, website or social media channels.

Which Facebook Groups are you a part of? Which ones are the most effective in driving engagement to your site or social media channels? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Thanks for sharing these FB groups. I am happy to discover these groups and also wanted to say you really good articles overall. One tip for you… Some of the links on this page take you out of your blog and land you on the page of the link. You may want to change it in your admin so it opens the links on a new window. That way your readers don’t get out of your article when clicking on links. 🙂

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