Five Benefits of Using Facebook for Your Business

Today, Mark Zuckerberg, Founder and CEO of Facebook, announced his company’s quarterly results. With more than 1.59 billion monthly active users globally (as at December 2015) it’s quite difficult to find reasons why you shouldn’t promote your brand on this social medium. So instead here are five reasons why you would benefit from promoting your business on Facebook.

Five Benefits of Using Facebook for Your Business

1. Largest Global Reach 

Facebook is the biggest social network on the planet. In Australia alone, 14 million people use Facebook monthly (Source: Social Media Statistics Australia, December 2015).  In addition to this, Facebook reported that they have 50 million small businesses using Pages and 1 billion people using Groups.

Approximately 83.6% of the daily active users are located outside the United States and Canada. There’s a good chance your potential and existing target audience is using this social media so it’s a good idea to make your business available to them through this medium.

Five Benefits of Using Facebook for Your Business

2. Low-Cost Marketing Strategy

There is no cost to set-up a business page on Facebook.  This is an ideal acquisition tool for small businesses with a limited budget.

With regular activity, you can easily build up traffic to your page. It’s also a relatively easy medium to set-up if you have your images ready to upload and you have thought about what you will write on the profile pages (i.e. the “About” section). Once you have built up your page then you can also look at running advertising and paid promotions for a small fee.

3. Easy-to-Update

It is very easy to post content and engage with your followers on Facebook.  You can be quite timely and quick to respond to trends, news events and other opportunities.  You can also schedule posts if you want to plan ahead. Creating regular posts is an integral part of building your audience so ensure you plan regular activity.

4. Engaging Medium

The main objective of Facebook is to provide more engagement for your audience and ultimately more conversions for your business.  These could include clicks to your website, website conversions, page likes, or event responses.

Facebook allows you to ask your target audience questions, run contests, promotions and polls, and even sell products directly from your Facebook Page.

Your page can also be a great destination for customer service and after-sales support.  It’s important to reply to any queries or complaints in a prompt manner.

5. Insightful

One of the great things about Facebook is the ability to measure likes, reach and engagement via the Insights section of your page. Using this information will give you a better understanding of your customers and your marketing activities.  The Insights page will also provide an idea of how many people you reached, their gender, age and location.

Facebook is a great tool for building relationships, building your brand awareness, selling your products or services, providing customer support and directing traffic to your website.

Can you think of other ways that Facebook can assist a brand?

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