20 Ways to Engage With Your Audience on Social Media

20 Ways to Engage With Your Audience on Social Media

We all know that to build our tribe, our community, we need to engage with our audience.  It can’t be a one-way street where we just promote our products and services and post what we had for breakfast, or list our latest blog post and say, “Read this”. To build a relationship we need to engage.  To build trust we need to engage. So, how do we do this? Here I’ve listed “20 ways to engage with your audience on social media”. And, if you do leave me a comment below I promise to reply! 😉

20 ways to engage with your audience on social media:

  1. Join the conversation on LinkedIn.  There are currently over 2 million groups on LinkedIn. Find your niche and connect with the relevant groups.  For example, I am a member of Social Media Marketing 2.1, Marketing Communication and Digital Marketing (to name a few).
  2. If someone new wants to connect with you on LinkedIn have a look at their profile and send them a mail introducing yourself to start the conversation.
  3. Join Facebook Groups and participate in the conversations. Don’t just start them. Offer advice if you know the answer to a question. Make suggestions. Provide solutions.
  4. If a potential customer leaves a comment on your Facebook account be sure to reply within 24 – 48 hours. No one likes it when you leave a comment only to receive a response weeks later. According to Hubspot, 95% of brands do not respond to comments made by Facebook users on Facebook. That’s crazy!
  5. Go one step further and visit their Facebook business page if they have one.  Take a look at some of their posts and leave genuine comments.  Don’t just say “Great!” Rather, state why that particular post is great.
  6. When posting on Facebook, ask a question. A Kissmetric Study showed that questions receive 100% more comments than regular posts.
  7. If you have an Instagram account be sure to reply to the comments left on your posts. Sometimes it’s hard as some of the posts are automated and not really authentic.  Or other times you just have emojis as comments so it’s difficult to know how to respond to these!  I always just say “thanks” as a minimum. I know some people ignore these but I just see it as a different form of communication (kind of like verbal versus non-verbal!)
  8. If you get a new follower on Instagram then take a look at his / her account. These could be potential customers or sometimes they are your competitors.  And that’s OK too because one day you may partner up with one of these competitors and work together on a project!  Like a few of their posts and comment on one or two photos.
  9. Run contests or giveaways on Instagram and Facebook.  They are a great way to build audience engagement.
  10. Twitter is a conversational medium so you need to be social!  Reply or share interesting content from other people on your account.
  11. If someone shares your content on Twitter take the time to thank him or her for sharing.
  12. Use attention-grabbing images on Twitter as this is known to increase click-throughs and retweets.
  13. Search the hashtags on TwitterFacebook and Instagram and interact with various accounts there.  Be sure they are relevant hashtags that your target audience would use.
  14. Go to your Pinterest account and have a look who is following you. Follow back or take a look at their boards and save any interesting pins.
  15. Make it easy for people to engage with you by having your social media sharing buttons on your blog posts. Also, cross-promote your social media on your social pages where possible.  For example, on Facebook you can add your Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter accounts and more.
  16. Activate comments on your blog posts. If you want to build a relationship then give your audience somewhere to engage with you. Respond to the comments (ideally) within 24 hours.
  17. Comment on other people’s blog posts.  Find bloggers within your niche that would like your blog and leave a reply on their blog.  You could also look at your competitor’s blogs and see who is leaving quality comments there and then visit their blog and start a conversation.
  18. Create a quick poll or survey on your social media sites to increase engagement.  These are quick and easy ways for your audience to respond and it gives you valuable feedback for your business.
  19. Include a call-to-action (CTA) on your posts.  Examples include: to leave a comment, watch a video, double-tap to like an image, respond to a poll, sign-up for a freebie, re-tweet a post and much more.
  20. Consider creating videos to share on your social media.  These could be “how-to” videos, tutorials, webinars, or product demonstrations. Aberdeen reports that people who use videos enjoy 27% higher click- through rates and 34% higher web conversion rates, compared to non- users.

So there you have 20 different ways to engage with your audience on social media.

And, keeping in the spirit of being social I’d love to know what tactics you use to engage with your audience on social media! Let me know in the comments section below.

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  1. Hello, I’ve recently discovered you and I must say I really like your easy way of explaining great and important content. So, thank you for that!! 🙂

    As for the post itself, some are actually common sense correct? Reply back should be standard not an exception. Loved your list!

    1. Agreed! Some of it is common sense but it’s easy to get caught up in producing new content, building new business or promoting your brand rather than focusing on engaging with your audience and customers. I’m happy to hear you enjoyed the post.

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