About Me

Hello! I’m Blazenka – a marketer, photographer and “mama bear” to two beautiful girls.

I help small businesses; creative entrepreneurs and bloggers transform their passion into a profitable business by empowering them with knowledge from my 13+ years of consumer retail marketing experience plus knowledge from starting my own business.

Blazenka Harvey - About Page

What I do:

These days, my main focus is educating entrepreneurs like you in how to grow your brand on Instagram. Instagram is a wonderful and powerful visual medium, yet many clients struggle with the pace of social media, understanding how to grow their brand on Instagram, and also having eye-catching images that match the brand vision.

This is why Mama Bear Communications also offers a custom photography service and styled stock photography for use on social media and the web.

Mama Bear Comms Styled & Custom Stock Photography

My other passions:

In addition to creating visual content for social media, I am also an avid travel and seascape photographer. Finding a channel like Instagram whilst nurturing my “baby bears” further fuelled my love of photography. I have grown my personal Instagram account to over 60K followers and I’m here to share my knowledge!

Blazenka ❤︎

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