The 5-Minute Instagram Review Everyone Can Do

Are you at a point where you are struggling to grow your brand on Instagram, and to increase your engagement or sales leads?

Or, perhaps Instagram is all new to you and you’re not sure what you are doing right or wrong? Like any business process or strategy, it’s important to step back and review where you are at and where you want to go in terms of your goals and vision.

If you need help to grow your brand and target audience on Instagram then complete this 5-Minute Instagram Review that everyone can do!

The 5-Minute Instagram Review Everyone Can Do

To make it easy for you, I’ve created a very simple questionnaire that can be completed in approximately five minutes! It’s a very simple way to see what you are doing well, and what areas you can improve upon.

In this review, you will be required to answer questions regarding your profile, content, hashtags, posting schedule, engagement, promotion, planning and review. Complete the questionnaire as honestly as possible.

At the end, there is a scoring system. Score each section to provide insight into which category potentially needs more work. A score of zero means that there is room for improvement; a perfect score means you are doing all the right things.

To get access to the online questionnaire simply on the image below.

Amplify Your Gram - 5 Minute Review

Amplify Your Instagram

For some Instagram users, the 5-Minute Instagram Review will be sufficient. You kind of know what you are doing right and what can be improved, and the questionnaire confirms your knowledge.

But for some of you, you will want to learn more.

Amplify Your Gram - 30 Minute Review

This survey is for:

  • New users of Instagram;
  • Existing users who are struggling to grow their following;
  • Existing users who aren’t quite sure what they need to improve to grow their account; and / or
  • Existing users who want to know what the best practice tips are in growing your brand on Instagram.

In my 30-Minute Instagram Review you will get access to the survey online and have access to over 40 questions that will help you see which areas of Instagram you need to work on in order to improve brand consistency, drive sales leads and click-throughs.

A score will automatically be generated at the end.

For as little as AUD$9.90, you can easily determine which areas of Instagram you need to focus on.

Amplify Your Gram Questionnaire + Guide

Bonus “Amplify Your Instagram” Guide

In addition to the questionnaire you will also receive the “Amplify Your Instagram Guide”This 9-page guide contains tips to help you improve your account and be on your way to amplifying your success on Instagram!

Amplify Your Gram - Bonus Guide

To purchase the Amplify Your Instagram Questionnaire + Guide, click below.

Amplify Your Gram Questionnaire + Guide

For more tips on Instagram check out my post “12 Ways to Grow Your Brand on Instagram”.

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